Readings provide insight, inspiration and guidance in every area of your life.

What to expect in a reading with Sherrie

Readings provide insight, inspiration and guidance in every area of your life. Intuitive readings empower you with the essential tools to create a happy and purposeful life. In a medium reading, you have the opportunity to connect and receive messages from your loved ones on the other side. You may also receive messages from your angels and spirit guides. A medical intuitive reading focuses on your physical health, the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues that may contribute to illness and disease and how to heal. 

At the beginning of your session, Sherrie will say a short prayer. She will then share the information that comes through. You can then ask questions or request additional information in specific areas.

Overall, please keep in mind that we all have free will. We have the power to create our lives and make choices. Sherrie offers you the likely probable future outcomes. However, your free will trumps any information that you receive in your reading. We can change the timing of outcomes based on our willingness to make decisions in our highest good.

Privacy Policy: All Readings and sessions are 100% strictly confidential. 

Readings can be by Telephone, Skype or In-Person

Telephone: The session can be recorded for you on a mp3 file and sent to you through email. Or you can choose to record it on your own recording device.

In person: please bring your own recording device if you’d like to record it. 

All precautions will be taken to ensure your digital audio recording. However, the recording is not guaranteed. 


Areas of focus

The areas that Sherrie focuses on are Current Soul Path, Relationships, Life Purpose, Communication with Loved Ones in Spirit and Your Angels and/or Spirit Guides, Health, Finances and Career. She has found over the many years of giving readings that this is why most people come to a psychic.



Sherrie may connect with loved ones in  spirit and receive messages for you. It is not unusual for you to have a relative or loved one in spirit who is helping and guiding you. This may or may not be who you expect. Many times loved ones who you have not had a close relationship with in the physical world, want you to know that they are close to you. Sherrie may describe their physical appearance, give their name, and pass on any messages that they may have for you.


Sherrie gives any information that she receives that has to do with your life purpose, spiritual gifts and your spiritual path. It is comforting and exciting to hear about your guides and angels and receive their message. 

Everyday Issues: 

Career, life path, finances, relationships and the practical issues of life are important concerns for everyone. Intuitive energy information, guidance and input from the spirit realm, can improve the quality of your life and the joy that you experience on a day to day basis. 

Past Lives:

If knowing and learning about a past life is important to heal, understand and improve current conditions and problems, Sherrie will briefly describe a past life and its karmic lesson.  Past Lives that are relevant to the choices you have ahead may also surface.


Schedule your Private Psychic Reading with Sherrie. 

Please email Sherrie at to set up your appointment before you pay for your session. Appointments are scheduled by email only.

60-Minute Psychic Reading


Receive Information and Guidance and become Empowered to Create the Life of your Dreams.

Your session will examine your practical, spiritual, emotional, physical and material concerns. There is no area or question that is off limits.

A psychic reading includes communication with loved ones on the other side. If you would like to have an hour long medium session (communication with the other side) please let me know before we begin.

30-Minute Psychic Reading


A 30-minute session can focus on general guidance or one or two particular areas of concern. For instance, health, relationships, career, communication with a loved one in spirit, angels, etc.

15-Minute Psychic Reading


Short and to the point: guidance on a specific question or one area of concern. Please book a longer session for communication with the other side. 


Please remember to email Sherrie at to set up your appointment before you pay for your session. Appointments are scheduled by email only.


When you book an appointment with Sherrie you are agreeing to the following terms:

Once you have a confirmed appointment, you will be asked to pay for your appointment at least 5 days prior.

Please provide 24 hours min notice for cancelations. (48 hours is preferred) 

Cancellations will be honored up to 24 hours prior to your appointment for a full refund.

Cancellations made within 24 hours of appointment will be charged the session fee.

No shows will be charged full price.