New Video and Audio Class:

Develop and Use Your Intuition In Relationships

Many of the requests that I receive for psychic sessions involve questions and concerns about relationship. This is for good reason, relationships can be confusing. They trigger our hopes and fears and our unconscious emotional wounds and past experiences. It is not always easy to navigate our way through the influx of emotions and perceive another and our situation with intuitive clarity. Although intuition can be very helpful in providing insight and guidance, it can be clouded by our emotions and beliefs. 

I developed this intuitive program with these concerns in mind. The audio, video and written materials provide a process for you to better understand how your intuition naturally operates and how to better use it to create and experience more positive loving relationships.

Some of the material in this program can be found in my book, Love and Intuition. I recommend using it along with this program, as it provides, further exercises, meditations and information on how develop and use your intuition to heal, gain insight and create more loving and sustaining connections with others.

What Is Included:

This program includes a quiz to help you to determine your intuitive love type and an explanation of each type. Your intuitive love type is the way that you intuitively communicate and interact with others in relationships. There are four main intuitive types. Although you intuit through all four of these types, you have one or more predominant types that provides you with insight as to how you most commonly use your intuition in relationships. 

The psychic abilities that we most use in relationships, Clairsentience, and Clairempathy are discussed. Then three guided meditations help you to develop and use your intuition in important relationship areas. 

Narrated Video Slideshows

Intro Into Your Intuitive Love Type and Emotional Intuitives in Relationship 

 Mental Intuitives in Relationships

Physical Intuitive in Relationships

Spiritual Intuitives in Relationships 

These videos describe and explain each intuitive love type. Listen to all four. You likely intuit through each type and as you further develop your intuition you will gain proficiency in all four types. 

Clairsentience and Clairempathy Explained and Described 


This program is made up of, mp4 video files, pdf and mp3 audio files. It will be sent to you via email. You should receive the files within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. When you receive the files please download to your computer. 





Audio Intuition Meditation Exercises

    These guided meditation exercises will help you to develop your intuition and use it in the relationship areas that are the most important to you. 

Becoming Free

    Do you have trouble letting go of another, even when you know that the relationship was unhealthy or had a negative impact on you? Are you having a hard time moving on from a relationship. Do you feel suffocated or unconnected to someone who you are in a relationship with? 

    This guided meditation empowers you to become aware of the unhealthy energy connections that you may have with others and to release them. 

Insight Into Another: Intuitively Communicate with Another

    Relationships can be confusing. We are not always able to communicate effectively and understand another. All too often we create patterns of communication that limit and prevent us from true intimacy. This guided meditation helps you to intuitively communicate, connect with and better understand another. It dispels negativity and empowers you to create more relationship harmony and intimacy.

Attract A Soul Mate: Heal Unconscious Negative Relationship Patterns of Attraction and Connect with a Loving Soul Mate

    Before anything in our life shows up in the physical and material, we must energetically align with it. Too often we draw to us unsatisfying relationships that speak to our unconscious unhealed energy. 

    This guided meditation empowers you to attract a loving and positive soul mate. It will help you to open your heart, release the emotions and thoughts that may be interfering with your ability to attract and experience the kind of loving relationship that you would that you would most like to create.