Mind-Body-Spirit Attunement & Psychic-Spiritual Healing

In the past few years there has been a marked increase in the number of people experiencing emotional, mental and physical challenges and energy based health issues such as anxiety, stress and fatigue. In my book Develop Your Medical Intuition, I predict that energy health and healing is the future of health care. I envisioned that this might be a few years in the future. However, conditions have ramped up and markedly changed. Our environment is increasingly toxic. We are exposed to an ever increasing amount of physical and material toxins and on a daily basis bombarded with emotional and mental toxicity and negativity. 

This is having a detrimental effect on our day to day quality of life. Our physical health, energy level, relationships, career and our ability to connect with our spirit, are all compromised.

For several weeks, I have been asking divine presence and my spirit guides how I can help and be of service. At  2:00 in the morning last night, I was awakened with guidance to offer Mind-Body-Spirit Attunement & Psychic-Spiritual Healing.  Interestingly, when I intuitively received the map of this therapy, I realized that I have already started doing this during some of my readings.     

Though this intuitive process I, along with my guides, identify, remove and heal, energy blockages, attachments, emotional and mental self-defeating patterns, negativity and past repressed energy that is preventing you from manifesting and experiencing your highest good. This includes identifying physical health and emotional issues and imbalances that may manifest as illness, lack of productivity, depression, and soul sickness.

As will uncover the origin of the imbalances and release and transform toxicity, you will begin to operate from the core of your soul power and potential and manifest positive and life enhancing experiences.  Other benefits include awareness of your soul plan, emotional and mental healing, reduction of stress and anxiety, better restorative sleep and an increase in joy and overall improvement in mind, body and spirit wellness. 

The main spirit guides who assist me with my psychic, medical intuitive and medium work, include:

Mother Mary and her healing angels. You can read more about my work with her in my book, The Miracle Workers Handbook

Dr. Roshi,  my medical intuitive guide and helper who has been working with me for over twenty years. 

The Elder, who has been my guide since childhood

St. Therese, who continues to surprise me with her devotion, compassion and miracles. 

Divine Presence

My intent is to invoke and be guided by Divine Presence for your highest good. 

Sessions are an hour in length and depending on the conditions may or may not require more than one session. In the near future I'll be offering group classes. 

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