Intuitive Help For the Holidays

eagelLet this holiday season be a time of renewal and restoration. It is easy to get caught up in the stress and frenzy that has become routine this time of year. Cultural, family, and personal expectations often create a false ideal of what is sanely possible. Although the holidays are a time of giving, sharing, eating, enjoying and celebrating, this time of year is also celebrates of the emergence of your most powerful self.

During the winter solstice the sun is at its weakest. It has reached its most southerly point on the horizon and darkness settles in. From this long night, the light begins to once again emerge and expand. The solstice is a celebration of the return of light to the world. Three days later, on Christmas Eve, the return of the light of the divine re-emerges from within the individual. The spiritual significance of Christmas Eve is the celebration of the birth and rebirth of divine presence.  It is the reminder that we are not simply physical beings. We are spirit, connected to the source of all life, creation, wisdom and love. Just as the solstice marks the time of year when the sun returns to nurture and replenish the earth, Christmas marks the return of the light of the heavens within human consciousness.

What does your intuition have to do with all of this? Your intuition is your most powerful natural wisdom. It is the voice of your spirit. It is through your spirit that the light of the divine emerges.  Your intuition guides you in your everyday concerns and it is your spirit’s compass directing you into the experience of unconditional love and inner peace. It is through your intuition that you can consciously experience the true significance of the holiday season.

The Gift of Your Intuitive Type

You intuition is as unique as you are. There are four primary modalities through which we intuit. You may receive energy information through your thoughts, your emotions, through your physical body or through your energy field. I call these different ways of intuiting, your intuitive type. You may predominantly intuit through one of these types, through a combination of a couple of types or through all four types.

Emotional Intuitives

Emotional intuitives absorb energy information through their feelings and emotions. They are naturally empathetic and feel others feelings. They are also attuned to the vibrations of divine love.

This season, take some time to tune into your emotional energy.  Emotional intuitives all too often become an emotional energy sponge, absorbing the emotions of others and of events. You are not responsible for everyone else. Be responsible for your sense of wellbeing and inner peace and allow others to take charge of their happiness.

Try This:

Find a quiet place and time, close your eyes and breathe into your heart. With each breath imagine your heart expanding and filling with love. Set the intent to become aware of and release any emotional wounds and past hurts. Allow your intuition to guide you. Ask within for what needs forgiveness. Breathe into your heart and allow unconditional love to flow through you. Forgive and let go. Let the power of a greater love remind you of who you are. Breathe in this love and ask your intuition to help you to become aware of anyone that needs love. Send them the gift of unconditional love without absorbing their emotional energy.

Mental Intuitives

Mental intuitives intuit through their thoughts. They are naturally telepathic and receive energy information through a sense of knowing. They are connected to truth, consciousness and can absorb divine thoughts.

In the midst of holiday expectations and what may seem like a million things to do and take care of, let your intuition guide you to your highest thoughts. Do not strive for perfection. Notice when you expect too much from yourself.

Try This

Take some time to listen within.  Breathe cleansing breaths and become aware of your thoughts one after another. Do not give them too much attention, just breathe, become aware and let go. Ask within for a divine thought. Breathe and listen. Be patient and continue to ask and listen. You may hear or simply know when you receive a message from the wisdom of the heavens. It will be uplifting, simple and fill you with peace.

Physical Intuitives

A physical intuitive absorbs energy information into the physical body. They often feel others ache and pains and feel energized by positive people and situations and drained and exhausted by negativity. For the physical intuitive the body is the divine temple. They perceive the spirit within physical form.

Physical intuition can be especially valuable at this time of year. With so many tempting foods to eat and tiring busy schedules we can forget to take care of ourselves.  Your intuition can guide you as to how to nurture and care for you.

Try This

Your body is always communicating to you. Not only is this a time of spiritual renewal, it can also be a time for physical renewal. Ask your body what will create more joy. Perhaps a massage, a yoga class, running, dancing or sitting in a sweat or steam room will not only relax you, but awaken a sense of joy and well-being within the body.

Spiritual Intuitives

Spiritual intuitives receive energy information through the aura of energy field. Although this might seem to be a little more abstract than the other ways of intuiting, it is quite common and natural. Spiritual intuitives tend to be more aware of the presence of loved ones on the other side, angels and spirit beings than the other types. Spiritual intuitives often intuit and receive future premonitions through their dreams.Although they may not be able to define it in words, spiritual intuitives are more aware of their spirit essence.

A hectic, busy holiday schedule with an emphasis on materialism can leave a spiritual intuitive feeling out of touch and depressed. Although all of the intuitive types need quiet and contemplative time, it is especially important that the spiritual intuitive focus within. One interesting way that a spiritual intuitive (and all the types) can experience a more spirit focused holiday is through their dreams.

Try This

Before you go to sleep, ask for a dream that will help you to experience a spiritual renewal. Ask for a Christmas, solstice or holiday dream message. You may want to write down this request and put it under your pillow. Remind yourself before you go to sleep to remember the dream. Then have paper and pen ready by your bedside to write it down as soon as you wake. Be patient. You may not dream the first or second night of your request. It may even take a week or more. But, it will happen.

This is the season of the emergence of light. Focus on what is important and the rest will take care of itself.

The Miracle Socks

unnamedIn early November, my four grand-daughter Liliana was diagnosed with severe HSP, an autoimmune illness that can affect the kidneys, intestines and other organs. A few days after the diagnosis she had emergency surgery to resection her intestines, a rare complication. She was in the hospital for twelve days healing from the surgery and trying to find a way to lesson the affects  of the HSP.  I energetically worked with her and asked for healing intervention from the Divine Mother. Many, many people prayed for her. A few days after she was released from the hospital a client gave me a pair of socks with the picture of Guadalupe on them. I thanked her and told her that I felt that they were a Sign that my grand-daughter was being watched over by the Divine Mother. Later that day my grand-daughter was re-admitted into the hospital ICU unit. They found a sack of fluid in her abdomen and thought that her recent intestinal surgery was leaking. Not good. Even though I was worried I had an overwhelming feeling that everything would be okay. I felt that the divine mother had healed her.

Later that night and then the next day they did tests and attempted to drain the fluid in her abdomen. When they did this they could not find any. Concerned that it was hiding behind her bowels they did a CAT scan and discovered that it was no longer there. Her surgery was not leaking. The large fluid sac that they saw on her ultrasound had disappeared. And she has not had a reoccurrence of the HSP, since this.

Interestingly, when I wrote the book The Miracle Workers Handbook about working with the Divine Mother, Mary, I dedicated it to Liliana, who had just been born.

Creating Good Energy Health


Medical intuition and energy medicine is the health care of the future. Now is the time to become more aware of your energy health. As Albert Einstein taught us, energy is indestructible. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes form. At physical death your energy self-lives on. Energy exists beyond the confines of time and space and is more powerful than the physical body. When you activate and harness your energetic vibrational power you can heal, restore and sustain your physical body, your emotions and your mental health.

Many of the people that I work with as a medical intuitive have poor energy health. They may be overburdened with toxins and negativity or energetically out of balance due to absorbed environmental and harmful energy. Good physical, mental and emotional health begins with a strong energetic constitution. Disturbances and toxins in the energy body are at the root of many illnesses, chronic physical pain, emotional imbalances and mental disorders. Once energy comes into balance and positive life force energy replaces toxic and stagnant energy, the body responds and heals. A healthy energy body also reduces emotional and mental stress and anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion and restores endocrine system health, balances our hormones, allows us to lose weight and restores the muscular and skeletal system.

The first step to establishing energetic balance and flowing with high vibration life force energy is to activate the power of your spirit and take charge of your life. You can regulate and control what you absorb and interact with. Your spirit is the eternal part of you that is connected to the highest vibrations of love and wisdom. As your conscious personality self comes into alignment with your spirit, you act as one force of unified power. You attract and unite with the positive. The dark, negative and dysfunctional is repelled.

Your spirit speaks to you through your intuition. On a daily basis your intuition can guide you toward those situations, activities, thoughts, emotions and environments that uplift and increase your positive energy quota. Every day you knowingly and unknowingly make choices that either promote good energy health or add an energetic burden to your body, mind and emotions. Your intuition can steer you away from people who have ill intent and those who drain your energy or try to unload their negativity or stress on you. It can help you to avoid dangerous situations and instead point you in the direction of those circumstances that fill you with love and strengthen you. Your intuition can help you know the source of what is exhausting and depleting your energy reserves and adversely affecting you mind, body and spirit.

Intuitive guidance is usually quite simple and straight forward. Listen to your body. Pay attention to what stimulates queasy, uneasy, gut feeling of stress and dread, nervousness and tension. Your body does not lie. Feel your emotions. Notice what fills you with dread, provokes anxiety, fear, stress and apprehension. Pay attention to negative self-talk and replace it with affirming and supportive thoughts. Listen when your inner voice that tells you that something is “off” or “not right”. When you get an intuitive flash of danger or a warning, do not override it with overly logical arguments. Remember your dreams and work to decipher their message. Your intuition will often work through your dreams to bring to light what your conscious mind is denying. Appearances can be deceiving. What you see and perceive in the physical material world, is not always what it looks like. Be willing to explore the energy of all that you come into contact with and make positive choices.

Emotional Clearing Exercise

If you feel that you have absorbed toxic emotional energy like pain, anger and grief from another or a situation, this exercise will help you to clear your energy field.

Take a long deep breath. Breathe and relax and allow your emotions to surface. Begin by putting words to your emotions. It sounds simple, but we do not always identify how we feel and the source of our feelings.

Focus on one emotion at a time. Ask yourself if this feeling is being generated from within you or if you have absorbed this feeling from an outside source?

Take a moment and breathe a few long deep cleansing breaths. Listen within. You will soon have a sense of whether or not this feeling has originated from within or if you have absorbed it from another. Trust your initial intuitive response.

If you intuit that this is a feeling that you have absorbed from an outer source, intend to let it go. You do not need to know who or where it came from. Simply breathe and intend to let go and release what is not yours.

If this is a self-generated emotion, ask within for guidance as to what you need in order to heal or transform. Give the emotion a voice and listen to it. Most of the time all you need to do is feel your emotions, even the difficult ones and they dissipate.

This may be a long or short process. If you need help in resolving and understanding how to emotionally heal ask for the advice or counsel of someone who you trust or a therapist.

Quite often the toxic or negative emotions that we absorb from others also lie dormant or repressed within ourselves. Listen to and become aware of the emotions within you that may be similar to what you are receiving from others. In this way, you can both release and heal on a deep level.

Love is the most powerful and health promoting energy here and in the unseen realms. Whatever you are feeling that does not vibrate to the energy of love is an energy drain on your system. At your core, you are love. It is always within you. Love can heal your physical body and empower you to experience the goodness in all of life, no matter what your current circumstances may be. Release your anger, grievances and forgive yourself and others. Every day acknowledge and express gratitude for all of the good in your life. Open you heart, and call forth the love within. Let it move through you and invigorate and restore your body, mind and spirit.

Excerpt from the book: Develop Your Medical Intuition

Question: Why Do Some People Suffer Before Passing Over?

soultoheaven Someone recently asked me an interesting question. She wondered why her grandmother suffered for so long before passing over to the other side. I understood the question well. Anyone who has helplessly watched a loved one suffer through pain and illness before passing over, has the same question. Over the course of a year, my mother went from playing tennis two hours a day, to being bedridden, riddled with pain and unable to think clearly. When she died it felt like a blessing. For months after my mother’s death I contemplated and asked my guides to help me to understand why she and so many others suffer before passing over. I learned that although it appears to make no sense and be a cruel way to live out the last days of life, the soul doesn't abide by our human perceptions. On some level we accept and create all that happens to us. Yet, it is not our conscious mind or personality and ego that makes these choices. Instead, it is the soul and spirit that perceives value and evolutionary advancement and possibilities in what in human terms is senseless and merciless. In my mother’s case, my guides told me that my mother chose to suffer in this way to “burn” off negativity and karma before entering the higher vibrations of light. In this way she was able to leave behind and dissolve emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical patterns and accumulated energy that may prevent her from rising to higher blissful layers of light more quickly upon passing. There are many people who suffer who lived good, positive lives with kindness and integrity. They may confront their imminent passing with courage and acceptance. There are others who are not as fortunate. They are fearful of going over, plagued with guilt and doubtful that there is life beyond the human experience. Sometimes we choose a slower more conscious experience of dying to become more aware of our spirit and soulful self. It is only the physical and ego self that suffers. Dying pushes the soul to the forefront. The soul never suffers, it understands, heals, reveals truth and is a comforting balm to the confused human self. Many people become aware during the process of dying that there is a part of them that is eternal. They see their loved ones on the other side and make frequent trips into the spirit realm to check it out before they go over. Sometimes people linger and die slowly as a way to bring comfort to those left behind. It can be hard to let go. Family and friends may want to hold onto their loved ones and cannot imagine life without them. A slower dying process can be an opportunity to review one’s life and forgive and be forgiven. It gives the family time to let go and say all that they need to say. Some souls choose to suffer to lift the burdens and pain of others. It is the final opportunity in the physical body to love and express goodness. Conscious suffering can lift the suffering and burdens of others when it encompasses and transmutes pain that is bigger than the individual. Shortly before my mother died she told me that her suffering was becoming unbearable. She didn't know how to get relief. Her mental and emotional suffering was as difficult as the physical pain and discomfort. I told her to imagine that her pain was alleviating the pain of children who were suffering. If you knew, I told her, that your suffering was helping children, could you do this? She said that she could and she immediately become more calm and at peace. This seemed to give a sense of purpose to the confusion and the loneliness that comes with the end of physical life. Even if we do not understand it from a human perspective. This world is a flip flop of the eternal realm of spirit. What you go through and endure and what your family and friends go through is not without meaning and purpose. It is the rich soil from which your soul grows and expands into true and eternal love and life.

The Pope and Giving

comtempmother Watching Pope Francis being greeted by thousands of people and listening to a few of his talks, has stirred up a few memories. In his speech before Congress he mentioned Dorothy Day. She was a radical Catholic who created non-church supported soup kitchens and shelters for the poor, called the Catholic Worker. Along with her devotion to the disenfranchised and castaways of society, she was also a passionate protester, speaking out against, war and many political policies and practices. Years ago, I lived and worked at the Catholic Worker Tivoli farm. (It is a long and zany story of how I came to be there and will share on another blog post. I also wrote about this in my book The Miracle Workers Handbook.) Tivoli was a working farm that supplied the soup kitchens with food grown on the farm in the summer months. I often went to the New York City shelters during the summer to drop off fresh vegetables. This is where I met Dorothy. Even in her eighties, she lived in the homeless women’s shelter and ate many of her meals in the dining room among the destitute women. In those days I was devoted to helping and serving the poorest of the poor. Many of the long term aged homeless men and women who had been living in the streets of the city for years, went to the Tivoli farm in upstate New York to live out their remaining time in peace and safety. I loved the people and the work at the farm. Yet, it was not always easy. Most of the people living there were physically, mentally and emotionally challenged and ill. There were several other volunteers like myself, but most of the people who lived there were not able to work. I eventually moved to the San Jose, Ca. Catholic Worker to work at the inner city soup kitchen and homeless shelter there. During my years of volunteer service, I was psychic and often saw and communicated with those on the other side. Yet, I had no interest or intention of becoming a professional psychic. I rarely talked about my intuitive sensitivities and gifts and instead focused on the practical day to day needs of people living on the streets. I thought this was my purpose. But, as it usually goes, there was a different plan for my life. Although I had no strong interest in being Catholic, I loved reading books about the saints, especially women saints. Many lived incredible lives, complete with visions and extraordinary and supernatural gifts. Although I had no aspirations or illusions that I had much in common with the saints, what I read helped to put into a better context what I was experiencing. I realized that psychic and intuitive communication could be a way that the divine speaks to us and though us. Sharing love and guidance from the spirit realm, I slowly realized, might also be an important form of service. As my psychic ability took on a life force of its own, I made peace with this gift and realized that perhaps, this was my calling. Although providing for the poor, sick and disenfranchised in tangible ways is an essential and blessed path, there are many ways to give and serve. Loneliness, grief, confusion and depression and anxiety have their own suffering. No one really knows the depths of despair that another may be going through or the light and love that is housed within their spirit. Maybe only a higher spiritual presence and power knows who we really are. Joy comes through heartfelt giving and love can be expressed in limitless ways.

You Are Never Alone

images (2)Change is never easy. Yet, it never ends. Sometimes we embrace it and other times we fear and deny that it is happening. I have recently had several friends leave my life. A few have moved, one died and another’s life has become busy and moved her in a different direction. Of course, I am a frustrating friend to have. I fully admit that at times I can be a challenge. I think with me it is feast or famine. When someone is in my life, they are in my life. I willingly open all that I have, my heart, soul and presence. Then new ideas come, I focus on my clients and so often seek the refuge of solitude to recharge and balance. Friends and family who know me well, have come to understand my need for alone time. I was recently walking my dogs in the early morning pre-dawn, no one is outdoors and I love watching the sun come up. Enjoying my alone time, I realized the obvious. We are never alone. I have gotten so used to the constant hum and back and forth of inner communication with the spirit realm, I forgot that I am never really alone. I don't think any one of us is. We are all stuck together in a web of energy. I imagine us like the sea. We move and flow with one another as one. Yet we are also just little drops of energy, that can appear to separate from the whole.

There is no place to go that spirit is not. This is an overwhelming gift, even if we are not aware of it. Being with your loved ones on the other side, your spirit guides and angels is a soft cushion of support and love. Spirit opens up space for us. It doesn't crowd us in. It is a wonderful way to be. We are not held together by need or by superficial and shallow expectations, like we sometimes find in the human realm. This is all love and a different way of being.That we do not always take advantage of. Spirit has your back and is ready to roll out the red carpet of guidance and love. Just open the door.

Q & A --Me and Medical Intuition

Develop You Medical Intuition is being translated into Danish. Here is an excerpt from an Interview I did with the Danish publisher for their catalog.

1) What does it mean to be a medical intuitive? Simply stated a medical intuitive is able to become aware of physical/mental/emotional and spiritual health energy information without reliance on external sources.

2) How did you develop your own intuitive skills? I was fortunate to have people in my life who supported my intuitive development and allowed me to practice and go through the inevitable trial and error process. This was also the case in developing medical intuition. Already a professional intuitive for many years, I become involved with the Duke University Integrative Medicine program during its early formation stage. I worked along side medical professionals who were interested in researching and developing medical intuition as a tool for assessing health.

3) Is it always possible to find an energetic reason for illness? Even the slightest cold? There are many causes and factors that lead to illness. Most health dysfunctions are a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional imbalances and issues. For instance, repressed emotional grief may lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to the virus that causes a cold. 4) Does it require special skills to begin with to get started working and developing one's medical intuition? The body is wise and communicative. For instance, pain and discomfort are common ways that our body alerts us to problems. Everyone can learn how to listen more deeply and recognize the body’s subtle and at times not so subtle, messages.

5) Could you give three good advices in regard to developing bodily intelligence and learning how to listen to the body's signals? And what is the most important? Take back your power to create good health and wellness. Relax, breathe and move your awareness through your body, becoming alert to any tension, tightness or stress. Pause and ask questions of these areas. Energy responds to your requests through spontaneous intuitive, thoughts, feelings, sensations, dreams and even synchronisities. Most importantly become aware of how your intuition already naturally surfaces. I identify the four basic types in the book. This is your most trustworthy avenue through which to accurately tune into the messages your body sends you. 9780738742014

Intuit YOUniversity, Develop Medium Abilities Level One

ban1 copy2Learn the beginning steps of how to communicate and connect with your Loved Ones on the Other Side. We all have innate medium abilities that can be further developed. From the book You Are A Medium this podcast teaches level one of mediumship

[audio mp3=""][/audio]


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Use Your Intuition to Lose Weight

images Would you like to lose a few pounds or more? Have you have ever had difficulty losing weight? No matter what you eat and how much you exercise, do you find that you are unable to lose and might even continue to gain weight. Your natural intuition can be a powerful ally in losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Many people have an ongoing struggle with gaining unwanted pounds and are confused and discouraged by their failed attempts to maintain their optimum weight. Although we would like to believe that issues with weight are purely diet and exercise related, your thoughts, emotions and energetic vibration also contribute to weight gain. Your intuition can be a surpassing source of insight and help in becoming aware of these nonphysical influences and in reaching and maintaining your optimum weight

Tune Into Your Emotional Connection to Food Although we are aware of the healthiest foods and how much to eat, we often find ourselves overeating and consuming nutritionally low and high calorie food. We do not do this because we are hungry. Instead, we often reach for food in an attempt to satisfy and deal with difficult and confusing emotions and feelings. Food changes brain chemistry and some foods can trigger temporary feel good emotional and psychological responses. Emotions such as stress, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, exhaustion and anger, can be uncomfortable. Certain foods provide soothing chemical reactions which regulate our moods and suppress our feelings. Emotions and our desire to eat are powerfully linked. Your intuition can be a valuable tool in helping you to tune into and heal the underlying emotional energy that leads to weight gain. Try This: Before you head for the kitchen to satisfy a hunger craving, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply and release any stress and tension in your body as you exhale. Focus your awareness within and ask yourself either aloud or silently what you are feeling. Gently repeat this question a few times. Allow any emotions to surface. Put a name to them and continue to breathe and allow as much feeling and emotional energy to surface as possible. Listen to the feeling or emotion and dialogue with it. What is it saying to you? Listen and ask what you can do to heal and calm these emotions and come into a state of inner peace and calm. Breathe and trust what you receive. Ask for the presence of love and allow it to transform these feelings. Tune Into the Energy Of What You Are Eating We often look to food to satisfy our desires, needs, emotions and insecurities. Food no longer becomes food. Instead it becomes a substitute for what ails us and a temporary fix. When you become aware of your projections, you discharge food of its illusionary allure and appeal. You know it for what it is. images (2) Try this: Next time you have a craving or desire to eat, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply and release any stress and tension in your body as you exhale. Hold some of the food that you desire to eat in your hand. Intuitively tune this food and allow the thoughts, feelings and desires that you have projected onto it to surface. One by one listen to what you receive and become aware that this energy has nothing to do with the food that you are holding. When you feel that all of your thoughts and feelings have surfaced continue to breathe and relax. Now, intuitively tune into the true energy of the food you are holding. What is its vibration? Is it vibrant and life giving or inert? If this food could speak, what would it be saying? Will it strengthen or weaken your body, mind and spirit? Know that you have a choice. This food is probably not able to transform difficult and uncomfortable emotions or negative thoughts. If there is a positive feeling that you get from the food you are holding, imagine that you can absorb the good energy of it without eating it. Ask yourself how to take care of yourself without eating the food you are holding. Tune Into Your Energetic Weight There is a very real connection between the energetic stress and burdens that you absorb from others and your physical weight. Have you ever talked to someone and felt heavy with their problems or burdens and emotions. After listening to their issues, he or she may walk away feeling lighter while you heavily shuffle out the door. Many loving positive people take on the stress and pain of others not realizing the impact that this may have on their health and well-being. The energy of others has a very real affect and influence on you. You cannot heal and resolve the emotions that you have unknowingly absorbed from others. Not only do we use food in an attempt to manage our own uncomfortable emotions, we also use food to try and dull and quiet the emotions that we take on from others. Unconsciously absorbing other’s energy can affect your weight in other ways as well. Your unconscious mind may be converting the energy that you have absorbed from others and your environment into physical pounds. The unconscious mind does not evaluate and reason. It simply responds to the information and data at hand. If you are overburdened and heavy with the another’s energy, the body will accept the message that you are heavy and manifest more physical weight. Try This: Intuitively dialogue with your body. If you intuitively feel that you may be absorbing detrimental energy from others, trust yourself. Intend to release and let go of the energetic stress of others. Set yourself free. Imagine shedding all of the heavy low vibrational energy that you may have absorbed. Let go of other’s problems, pains and issues, stress, fear and burdens. Instead feel yourself and those you care about filled with love. Imagine the physical pounds dissolve as you absorb the weightless high vibration of light. Continue to intuitively communicate with your body, mind and spirit for optimal health and wellbeing.

Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Best-Selling Author, Sherrie Dillard’s latest book is Develop Your Medical Intuition: Activate Your Natural Wisdom For Optimum Health and Well-Being.


The Intuitive Agenda

1795463_722922614457729_4945305981745240794_o With many years of being a professional psychic and medium under my belt, I am more aware than ever of the distinct difference between the thinking mind and intuitive receptivity. Intuitive awareness has taught me the importance of inner stillness and how to manage emotions, disappointments, and be present. I have learned to go in the opposite direction of the thinking mind. To be less reactive and to live with what is. Intuition has led me to acceptance. Even though much of the time we are motivated to develop intuition to know more and have an advantage in our daily concerns, it mysteriously always dips us into the deeper currents where we are working out the issues of our soul. The map through life that intuition offers is a wild adventure. Intuitive awareness is a paradoxical lover that both demands that you wrestle with your day to day issues and challenges and at the same time, laugh it all off for the wispy dream that it is. We don't get strapped in tight for this roller coaster. Instead, the exploration of intuitive awareness soon steers us into the depths of our inner self. It implores us to look in the full length mirror of our mind, body and spirit and become aware of how well we are reflecting the true potential and majesty of our soul. When we intuitively listen within, timeless questions come to the forefront and demand to be answered. How do I love? Can I be kind in the face of small frustrations and meanness? Can I be myself and follow my dreams or am I easily scared into complacency and rigid adherence to societal norms and expectations? What does this world need for me to give and share? We cannot answer these questions with only the courage and love that our human self can muster. Fortunately intuitive awareness supplies both the questions and the wisdom to answer them. It opens the door for our soul to surge forward and remind us of a truth that we may have been hiding from. We are made of the stuff of the earth, the skies and the stars. The heavens is our rightful home. Life on earth breaks us down and builds us back up many times over. Yet, within self there is a much stronger and brighter light that the world cannot touch. In this light we heal and are made strong. Your intuitive knowing is always nudging you to reclaim what has never been lost. All that we undergo, the joy, suffering, desire, confusion and stress, pushes us to perceive and embody this inner light. Your power and true self does not live in the shadows of the world. The quality of your days, the ability to feel authentic joy and live with purpose and positivity cannot be found through searching outside of yourself. Instead, it is when we are able to listen, perceive, feel and sense that there is something more within us speaking with a still small whisper, that it all begins to make sense. Turn away from the chaotic loud voice of the world and be present to your own profound goodness and you will find the true you. Intuition may give you insight into the many demands that you encounter each day, but it’s true purpose is to usher you into the remembrance of who you are.

Medical Intuition: The Psychic skill of Vibrational Sensitivity

[youtube] Learn the psychic skill of Intuitive Vibrational Sensitivity-, what it is and how to develop it. An essential psychic ability for Medical Intuition, this discussion includes exercises and how to use it to detect illness and dysfunction in the physical body.

Three Ways You Naturally Intuit Health Information

9780738742014  Your body is an intuitive goldmine and knows what it needs to physically, mentally and emotionally heal and thrive. It wants to be heard and is always speaking to you. Nature has equipped us with the ability to tune into this wisdom through our natural intuition.

Your intuition is always sending you health messages, some are more obvious than others. For instance, you may experience an insightful intuitive knowing that certain foods are at the root of your digestive problems or a persistent intuitive feeling of unease may motivate you to seek out medical advice. Some of the messages you receive may not necessarily seem to be related to your health. For instance, you may suddenly feel the need to free yourself from a limiting relationship, speak your truth, heal emotional wounds or practice forgiveness and compassion. Although not all of the intuitive messages that you receive may seem to be directly related to your health, the health and wellness of the physical body is dependent on many factors including your body’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, environmental influences, our unhealed past, our emotions and thoughts and our beliefs and spirituality.

A few of the most common ways that we naturally receive intuitive information about our health and wellbeing is though our dreams, synchronisities and through an inner sense of knowing.


Our dreams can reveal surprising and insightful information about our health and the health of others. Intuitive health messages slip past the conscious mind and emerge while we sleep. However nonsensical your dreams may initially appear to be, they often contain valuable but hidden significance. For instance: Houses in dreams often represent the physical body and health. A house that is crumbling and in need of repairs may indicate a need to focus on improving health and taking better care of and healing the physical body. The condition of the walls, floors, and the interior can signify different aspects and parts of the physical body. For instance the kitchen is symbolic of the heart and the bedroom often indicates sexuality or a need for more rest. The foundation of the house is particularly symbolic of the body, as it represents our core physical stamina and foundation.

Cars can also symbolize the body and a road in a dream can indicate the current path that you are on. Pay attention to the condition and the color of the car as well as the condition of the road and needed repairs. If you are driving a car that is running out of gas or breaks down, this may point to a need to rest and rejuvenate, before going forward.

Water is another important dream symbol. Clear translucent water is positive energy. A lack of water or cloudy water may be a message that your physical, emotional or spiritual energy is low. Hoses, taking a shower or bath, swimming in a dark pool of water or in a tumultuous ocean and other dream symbols containing water may have to do with your emotional and spiritual health, the need to physically detox, issues with the lymphatic system and they may also foretell a pregnancy.

Dreams of fire, electrical power lines, digging a hole, mud, an ambulance, medical equipment, hospitals, explosions, lightning and a hungry baby can be red flag warnings of a looming health issue.  Dreams that foretell healing and physical revitalization often contain positive symbols like, flowers blooming, clear skies, calm seas, puppies, rainbows and pregnancy.


Synchronicity is an externalized form of intuition. Defined as the coming together of unlikely coincidences, synchronicity is a cosmic exclamation mark informing us of what we need to pay attention to. Quite often, health information comes to us through synchronistic encounters. When you experience a synchronicity avoid the temptation to dismiss it as meaningless chance or a fluke. This is the universe speaking to you and the warm touch of the divine telling you that you are being watched over.

Synchronisities come to us in many different ways. The health conversation that you overhear between two women while in an elevator might be a helpful message about a health issue that you or a loved is dealing with. Spontaneously hearing the name of a particular doctor from several people may be more than a coincidence. It might be the push you need to see that particular physician. Randomly coming across an article while waiting for your car to be fixed, that describes new research or treatment for an illness or disease that you or loved may struggle with, may also be an important synchronistic message. In this same way listen and act when you feel led to reach out and help and offer support to another who is in a health crisis. You might be their synchronicity. 

I had a friend who in a couple of days’ time had heard of three people who were diagnosed with breast cancer. She thought it more than an odd coincidence and scheduled an appointment for a mammogram. Her test came out fine, but she still had the nagging feeling that there was an important message in this synchronicity. A few nights later she had a dream about her sister. In the dream she saw her sister driving a car with a big dent in the front. Waking from the dream she knew that she needed to call her sister and tell her about the dream and her intuition that something was wrong. Her sister took the dream and her sister’s concern seriously and scheduled a mammogram. A small tumor was found in an early stage. After surgery and chemotherapy she is cancer free.

Sense of Knowing

We often receive health guidance and messages through an inner sense of knowing or through an inner persistent voice. People are often confused as to how to differentiate their own thinking from an intuitive messages. The thinking mind usually communicates through a linear progression of thoughts, one leading to another and another. When it comes to health, these thoughts often become more and more worrisome and dire. We might begin by thinking about the twinge in our midsection and go back and forth from trying to convince ourselves that it is nothing to becoming concerned that our gall bladder is about to rupture. Intuitive knowing differs from this kind of thinking. Intuitive messages are short, persistent and do not change. Unlike our thinking mind that goes from one thought to another, intuitive message are consistent and persistent. Often they are heard as the still quiet inner voice. If you experience a sense of knowing or hear a message such as: cheese is causing my acid reflux, or it is time to get a mammogram, pay attention. Intuitive health messages rarely stir up emotions or cause us stress. Instead they usually bring us a sense of calm, but wise knowing.

The wisdom of your mind, body and spirit, it is alway communicating to you, listen and trust it.

Energy Clearing and Healing Meditation

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Sherrie, is there a blessing I can use, to get rid of a shroud of darkness and negativity?

Thank you for the question Misty Fox, sending blessings your way. Please try the following meditation.

You can heal. Optimum health and emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing requires a consistent flow of high vibration energy through your total being. Thinking positive thoughts and loving and forgiving yourself and others increases and allows nourishing and revitalizing energy to flow through you.

However, we are not always consciously aware of the negative energy and past emotional pain and trauma that lies hidden within our body, mind and spirit. When we suppress and repress emotional pain and traumatic experiences, this forms energy crystals which block and obstruct the essential flow of energy throughout the body. Similarly, old and habitual negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, fear and anger creates a sluggish and low vibrational energy frequency.

It is never too late to free yourself from the damaging effects of unknown and hidden destructive emotional and mental energy. As you uncover and release old and low frequency energy, the authentic you emerges like a full blooming lotus from the dark depths.


The following meditation/visualization will empower you to release and dissolve past and hidden emotional wounds and negativity that have formed crystalized and damaging pockets of energy.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and begin to breathe long deep and relaxing breaths. When you are relaxed, imagine breathing white light energy down through the top of the head and move it down through your body. Release any stress and tension as you exhale. Continue to breathe white light breath down through the top of the head and exhale any stress and tension anywhere in the body as you exhale.

If you are having a difficult time, moving white light breath through the body, ask for presence of an angel or archangel or Mother Mary to assist you.

Once you feel a sense of lightness and relaxation, inhale a long deep breath of white light down through the top of the head and slowly move it through the body, scanning your body as you do this. Become aware of any place in your body where you feel tense, tight or sore. Take note of these places and continue to breathe and scan for any other places of tightness or tension.

Once you have completely scanned your body, draw your attention to the area where you feel the most tension and tightness. Tune into the energy of this area. Imagine that this energy has a particular color and texture. It might be ruff, smooth, mushy or hard or any other texture. Once you have a sense of its color and texture, imagine that this energy has a voice and can speak to you. What is it saying? If the energy does not speak to you, this is fine. Just continue to tune into it and pay attention to anything that you feel, hear, sense or know or any images that emerge.

Now imagine white light energy moving down through the top of your head, send it to this area of blocked energy. If you would like, you can also ask for the presence and assistance of angels or other divine beings. Invoking divine white light empowers, protects and heals.

Continue to breathe white light energy down through the top of your head and imagine that it is dissolving and dissipating the blocked energy. During this process, confusing emotions may surface or you may have a sudden urge to stop the mediation. This is ego-mind resistance and common when you let go of and release stuck energy. Continue breathing in white light energy and work with it to dissolve and dissipate what you no longer need.

When you feel a sense of completion, breathe and feel the energy flow through your body. Imagine this energy moving at a high frequency, uplifting your vibration to that of light. Allow this energy to fill your heart, mind and spirit, especially the places that have been stuck or feel blocked.

When you feel that that you have done all that you can at this time, take a few moments to quietly breathe and relax. Listen within and pay attention to any sensations, thoughts and feelings that surface. Send gratitude to the angels and divine beings who have assisted you in this process. Open your eyes and write down anything that you would .

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