Why Psychic Predictions do Not always Come True

     In this month of ghoulish monsters, ghosts, spiders and jack o lanterns the supernatural is fun for most everyone. As a child, one of my favorite Halloween costumes was that of the fortune teller. Complete with cheap jewelry, a puffy Good-Will skirt, a long black wig from the drug store and an assorted collection of scarves, I carried my own crystal ball (one of those plastic shake and make it snow orbs) from house to house. Little did I know that my fantasy would someday become my reality. Although my wardrobe is now nowhere near as creative, I still get a thrill from the supernatural and mysterious.

 Many might consider my work as a professional intuitive to be the same as that of fortune teller, but there are definite differences. Although people go to intuitives and psychics to find out what is in their future, an authentic psychic knows that the future is not fully predictable. Despite what some in the psychic business would like for you to believe, we have free will and we are creating as we go. The future is a work in progress and you have more ability to manifest what you desire, than you might think. A psychic's role is to assist you in making wise and positive choices. The ability to create is powerful and with intent, focus and awareness you can alter and change the course of your life. When a psychic predicts the future what they are predicating is the likely course of events based on current conditions. Once you know what path you are on and what the destination is, you have the ability to choose a different way. Simply knowing what is likely to come your way is often enough motivation to confront unconscious repetitive patterns and wake you up to new ways of being.

 There are times however when future events are more likely to occur and seem to be predestined. Many times I have given predictions that were surprising and slightly unbelievable to the person I was working with. For instance, I once told a woman living inNorth Carolina that she would go to China and adopt two children within two years. In her late-thirties, she already had three children and she laughed and told me that this was highly unlikely. Within the year the company her husband worked for was bought out by a Chinese firm. He was sent to China to work for eighteen months and when they returned home they brought with them two young girls that they adopted. I also told a confirmed forty something life-long lesbian that she would fall in love with and marry a man. Again she laughed, only to soon, meet a man, fall in love and eventually marry him. These instances and others like them are orchestrated from higher soul contracts that we have made before coming into this life. They seem inevitable and often shake us up bringing unexpected life altering change. A good psychic will be able to discern the difference between predestined future events and those that require your attention, choices and mindful intent.

 Intuitives and psychics can also help you to become aware of influences that might be hidden, the intent and character of others and provide a broader perspective without the influence of ego and fear. Some can communicate with unseen spiritual energies and tune into your soul's purpose and alert you to opportunities for growth and expansion.

It is important to work with authentic and genuine psychics who come highly recommended. The influence of a well-meaning but novice reader can create confusion, fear and create inner chaos. Supporting your higher aims, leading you to abundance, loving relationships and happiness--- a psychic's job is to lead you to your bliss.

Intuitive Ladder- From thinking to intuition

     Relationships may be the most common area of interest and questions for those who I give intuitive readings to.    Why, when, how and who, everyone is at times mystified, perplexed and left wondering about those who they are close to. We can at times be a mystery, to ourselves and especially to those who we are in relationship with. We are always evolving, changing and growing as are those who are near and dear to us. Your intuition can provide you with useful insight into relationship puzzles that are sure to come your way. Even if you feel as if you are not very intuitive or that your intuition is unclear and vague, try the following exercise. In this easy to follow step by step process you will bridge the gap between the thinking mind and your intuition. This exercise will empower you to discern what choice to take to create positive outcomes with others.

As you go through the following steps be sure to use your imagination. It is a powerful tool which will help you to decipher and understand unseen energy information.  

  1. Think of one question that has to do with you and another.  For example, “Will my relationship with Andy improve”

     2. Identify and name your feelings surrounding the question.  “I feel anxious and confused by his behavior.”

  1. Identify what you desire.  “I want to be closer to him and to feel positive about our connection.”
  1. Think of possible answers to your question.  “I can talk to him.  I can let it go.  I can end our friendship. I can wait and see what happens.  I can love myself and focus on me.  I can demand he treat me better. I can try to understand the lesson behind what is happening."  Consider many possibilities.
  1. Receive intuitive guidance.
    • Take a deep breath close your eyes and continue to focus on your breath until you feel relaxed. Release any feelings or thoughts that surface as you breathe.
    • When you feel you are in a receptive state, ask which choice is in your highest good.
    • Continue to breathe. Bring into your awareness each choice, one by one. Pay attention to any physical sensations, emotions, or feelings of increased energy you experience as you imagine each choice.

Use your imagination and create an image of yourself living each choice. How does each look and feel, pay special attention to your body. Do you feel tired, heavy, energized, stressed, tight or open and receptive? The body always tells the truth.  

         6.   Imagine the white light of love surrounding you and the other person.  Remember, even if you cannot clearly see white light, your intent is enough.

      Here is what one student told me about her experience with this exercise. “As I went through each choice it became clear to me that focusing on taking care of me was the best choice. I knew that I had to let go of the relationship for the time being. I knew this because I felt an increase of energy and well-being when I imagined this option. I felt a sense of relaxing peace go through my body, and my heart felt calm.  I also became aware that I had attracted this relationship as a lesson to learn how to accept people exactly as they are.” 

*Exercise taken from my book, Love and Intuition

After the hurricane....the visiting owl

       If you read my previous post you know that my intent during Hurricane Irene was to release my negativity, fear, grief, anything that I no longer needed into her powerful frenzy. I imagined the winds swooping down into me and lifting away all the old baggage that has been heavy in my body, mind and soul. Little did I know at the time how effective my request would be. During the onset of the storms arrival and into the next day as it lingered on, I felt the winds of change within me. I guess the old saying "be careful what you ask for", applies . Releasing emotional energy means feeling emotional energy and letting it go. I felt the fear, grief, confusion, negativity and more, much more than I had anticipated. And like most of the people who were affected by the hurricane I was still feeling it a few days later. The actual physical damage from the storm was minimal. I had several large branches fall and I lost power for a short time. For  me, it was the inner shifting that was more dramatic.

One evening a couple of days after the hurricane and feeling somewhat alone in my journey of cleansing, I looked out into my backyard and saw an owl peacefully sitting above my deck. I watched him for a while and he seemed to watch me. As darkness descended he continued to sit. The next night and then the next night after on the same branch in the same spot, my owl came for a visit. I appreciated his company and felt somehow acknowledged in my dance with Irene. He seemed to me the perfect compliment to the storm's recent activity. Stoic, silent, penetrating and barely ruffling his wings even in response to my barking dogs, his presence spoke of centering and peace. Just as with the storm, my intent is to align and soak in his vibration and come this kind of pure presence.

Powerful Hurricane == Powerful Change

     It is Friday Aug. 26th, 2011 and hurricane Irene is scheduled to pay NC a visit in about twenty four hours. Although the course that she is on will not directly impact me, we will most likely get some wind and rain. I have been through a few hurricanes here in NC. The most dramatic of which was, Floyd who caused major damage on my house and left me without power for almost two weeks. As I contemplated Irene's upcoming visit yesterday it occurred to me to shift my perspective on how I can view what is to come. I thought wouldn't it be interesting if I felt fortunate for this storm instead of nervous and anxious. What if, those of us along the East Coast were being given the opportunity to release and let go of all that we no longer need. I could use her force to blow into the heavens all of my negativity, anger, fear, anything and everything that is impeding my ability to love self and others. She could be a powerful ally in wiping the slate clean. I need a fresh start. I have been though a bit emotionally in the past few years and I want my heart to be swept clean. What better help then a category 3 or 4 hurricane.

My intent is to churn up within me all that no longer serves me and with Irene's help let it all go.

Of course there will be damage and fear, pain and perhaps some will be literally taken away in her winds. I send love to those who suffer in any way and ask Irene to be kind in her desire to clear the slate.

The Most Common Question about Psychic Types

  1.    I am thankful that you are so willing to receive emails. I just purchased your book Discover Your Psychic Type, and I took the test to see how I scored. I scored 45 on emotional, 45 on mental, 45 on physical and 35 on spiritual. I wanted to know how this is possible to be all of these things. Is there not something that I am strongest in? I read the sections on each of the three and I seem to fit all of them... do you know what would allow me to be all of these?

Thank you so very much for your time.


Intuition is not "one size fits all". It is as unique as you are. My book, Discover Your Psychic Type, will help you to understand the way your intuition naturally surfaces. There are four different modalities through which your intuition will surface. The four basic types are emotional, mental physical and spiritual. By taking the quiz in the book you will become better aware of how you innately intuit and how to further develop your natural intuitive tendencies. Just as we all have strengths and weaknesses in the way that we learn and retain information, we all have innate strengths and weaknesses in the way that we intuit. I can absorb and quickly comprehend visually, yet, I easily drift off into la la land when listening to lectures or any other kind of auditory learning. When it comes to my intuition I naturally absorb energy information through my emotions and my energy field. As far back into my childhood as I can remember, I knew how others felt and I reacted to the unspoken emotions of others without being aware that I was doing this. You too, in subtle and sometimes startling ways, absorb intuitive information through your emotions, your thoughts, your physical body or your energy field.

To quickly sum up the types, an emotional intuitive naturally absorbs energy information through emotions. They are natural empaths. Despite time and distance, they can intuit the emotions and feelings of others, especially those they are closest to. Mental intuitives are naturally telepathic in that they can effortlessly tune into others, individuals or groups, thoughts and ideas. Physical intuitives absorb intuitive energy into the body. They feel their intuition in their gut. Prone to unconsciously taking in other's energy, they often feel unexplained, aches and pains, especially headaches, stomach aches and chronic tiredness. Spiritual intuitives respond to intuitive energy through the energy field or aura. This is the invisible electromagnetic field which surrounds all living creatures. They likely will dream of others or future events and they may be able to "see" or tune into angels, ghosts or loved ones on the other side.

While each intuitive type has certain typical ways of tuning into energy information, your intuitive type also describes the way that you connect with yourself, others, the unseen realm and the divine. For instance, emotional intuitives are soulfully attuned to divine love and long to help and heal others. While mental intuitives are idea and big picture people, who understand patterns, systems and have a drive to make sense of this crazy world. A physical intuitive is connected to the natural world and often a champion for protecting mother earth and all of her creatures. The spiritual intuitive lives in two worlds, the ethereal and the physical and is often a messenger for the beyond. You are a combination of all of these types.

The most common question that I am asked about intuitive types is "I feel like I am intuit in more than one way" or "I took the quiz in  your book and my scores for each type are close to one another, which type am I"?

We have a tendency to think in absolutes. "I am this" or "I am that". When it comes to your intuitive type you are, in varying degrees, a combination of all four types. Your intuition does not operate in black and white. Most likely, you will have one type that is your primary method of intuiting, but you will also intuit through all four types. The optimum is to be balanced and to able to consciously utilize all four modalities of intuiting.

The key is to be conscious of how and when you are intuiting. Intuition becomes problematic only when we are unaware of its presence and power. For instance, an emotional intuitive is prone to feeling and responding to others emotions without knowing that they are doing so. They may wake in the night feeling the fear or stress of a loved one who is miles away. Not sure of the origin of these feelings can be disconcerting and confusing. A physical intuitive might unknowingly take on another's headache or get an upset stomach when a loved one is in distress. Quite often when I do medical intuitive work, my body feels the aches and pains of the person I am working with. A spiritual intuitive might dream of others or worldly events and wake perplexed and unsure of why they had the dream and what to do with the information they received. The mental intuitive who is unaware of their intuitive modality is prone to absorbing the thoughts and ideas of others and becoming overwhelmed with mental chatter and ADD like tendencies.

There are strengths and weakness in all four types. When you are conscious of the way you are receiving intuitive information you can steer clear of obstacles and sail freely into the vast sea of psychic possibilities. Happy Intuiting!

Transforming Emotion into Intuitive Awareness

For those of you who sometimes feel besieged by emotions and feelings and perhaps wonder what the purpose is for all of this intensity, let me share some good news with you. Emotions help us to know who we are and what works for us. They help us to take care of ourselves, make positive choices and when we listen to them they are an expert guide to self-awareness. And, besides these more obvious functions, emotional energy can be used to increase and empower your intuition.

I was recently asked by a client who is confronting a possible lay-off from her job how to best deal with anxiety and fear.  Her anxiety is at times so overwhelming she feels crippled by it and unable to make clear decisions. The unknown often provokes strong emotional reactions. At times of change, whether it is in your career, relationships, finances, health or family, clear intuitive guidance can be invaluable. Unfortunately, like static on the radio or television screen, emotional energy can interfere with and negatively influence intuition. Although when in the midst of a crisis it might seem that transforming and using your emotions to access intuitive information is impossible, it is easier than you think.  Emotions are energy. Although we feel them as pleasurable, uncomfortable, frustrating or uplifting, emotions are not good or bad, emotions are simply energy.  It is possible to slip underneath our personal reactions and responses and use the powerful energy behind our emotions. This is not denying how we feel. It is instead fully embracing what feels like the good, bad and ugly of our emotions and harnessing their potent energy.

The following is an exercise (taken from my book, Love and Intuition), that will help you to use your emotions to increase your intuitive ability.

Even though this exercise can be done while you are experiencing intense feelings, it is best to use  it when you are feeling more calm and balanced. 

  • Think of a question for which like higher guidance. Write it down. For example:

            What is my best career choice?

             Will I ever meet a soul mate?

             What can I do to improve my relationship with _____?

  • After you have written your question, close your eyes and take a few long, deep breaths—in and out.  As you breathe, draw your attention within.  Then, remember a time in your life that evokes a strong feeling.  Recall a memory or event that stirs up emotion.  Accept whatever comes to mind.  Perhaps it was a time when you were disappointed, excited, elated or filled with grief.
  •  Bring to your mind and body the intensity of those feelings. The feelings are not positive or negative, they are just energy.  Feel them as energy. 
  • Next, feel the powerful force behind these feelings.  Imagine that this powerful force can easily move through you, releasing any resistance or obstacles that may be interfering with your ability to receive clear intuitive guidance. Instead of repressing the intensity of your emotions and feelings, detach and do not judge them as good or bad.  Instead accept their power and vibrancy. Imagine breathing this energy through your body from the top of your head through the soles of your feet.
  • Continue moving this energy through your body, feeling yourself filling with vital and potent energy.  Your feelings have now transformed to pure energy. You may feel a tingling or a subtle vibration as this energy moves through you.
  • Imagine the flowing energy as a stream of white light, and project your question into it. This white light has intelligence and compassion.
  • Listen and receive, become open to whatever guidance comes to you. Maintain this receptive state for as long as possible.
  • Use your imagination to create symbols, images, numbers, letters or words with the energy that you are intuiting.  You may experience an instantaneous knowing or gut feeling.  Do not judge or try to think about or understand what you are receiving, try to remain as open as possible.
  • When you have receive as much information as you feel is possible at this time.  Take a few deep breathes, and come back fully into your body.  Open your eyes, and without thinking too much about what you received jot down your impressions and information.

As above, take time to interpret the impressions you received, remembering that guidance may not appear immediately. Don’t be discouraged if it takes days or even weeks to fully understand the intuitive guidance you recieved.

Happy (Almost) Rapture

May 21, 2011 came and went and to me knowledge no one was raptured into heaven. Over the years there have been several prophesied end of times, earthly disasters, earth changes and cataclysmic events that have not occurred. Still, many people and psychic and religious channels still herald the coming of dire and immense changes that will forever alter our day to day existence. To this I would like to add my two cents. With the help of my intuitive guidance, I am told that the nature of the earth is of course change, we all know this. But the earth blueprint and karma for change is seldom by human terms "overnight". Instead we earthlings have the unique ability through our developed sciences, computer generated information and basic physical know-how to foresee the inevitable results of our actions. Now this is a very cool thing. As someone who makes her living as a professional intuitive, I know that there are many things beyond the physical that we must pay attention to and become aware of, for our benefit and others. But I will also humbly tell you that we know our future and we are not paying attention to it. We know that the collective choices that we are making will adversely affect our beloved earth, our neighbors, our children and ourselves. What I and my kindly guides can add to the mix is to help you to become aware that there is a legion of help in the spiritual celestial and earthly realms. The human solution machine works slowly and not without profit, power and financial gain. The spirit realm is not really interested in such gain.  What can you do to help? Greet the morning with an open heart, invoke your most beloved divine and spiritual ally, God, Goddess, Divine Spirit whoever or whatever you most connect with. Be a receptacle for benevolent love and wisdom to flow into the world. Where you are today, whoever you encounter, whatever you do, know that this is where you are most needed. Love translates into pure energy, be the counterforce to the century's long negative campaign of misguided attempts to control and dominate the earth and one another.  Choose to act in ways that respect yourself and others. Be mindful of the heart numbing bizarre world of consumer frenzy that wants you to believe at only by consuming, buying big and praising the popular will happiness come your way. Don't believe it for a moment and don't give your power away.

Ghost Busting 101

      Sooner or later in one way or another, you or someone close to you will bump into a ghost. It does not matter if you are a soccer mom, a college professor, a busy professional or a complete non-believer in such things, your life will in some way intersect with a non-physical visitor. Although this may seem highly unlikely, too spooky or paranormal, don’t stop reading yet, you never know when you might need to the following information.                 A ghost was a person like you and me whose spirit after death has stayed on the physical-material level instead of transitioning into what some call heaven, the light, nirvana or pure energy. This happens for many reasons. In cases of sudden death through accidents or when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a spirit may not realize that it has died and so they continue to wander and search for their home. Other spirits may not feel worthy to go to the light while there are some who cling to the physical world because they do not believe in an afterlife and in more rare cases  there are a few who refuse to go to the light. A person who is possessive, highly materialistic or extremely stubborn may decide to stay in the physical realm after death to hold onto feelings of power and control or what they feel is materially theirs.  These are usually the most disturbing type of ghost.

                I have worked with many people who have encountered ghosts. These people live, otherwise, normal lives. They live in suburban homes, work in corporations and have never had an interest in the paranormal. Then, out of nowhere and usually while in their home, they hear strange noises or knocking on the walls, smell strange odors, feel sensations on their arms, legs, shoulders or hands, experience a shiver up the spine, feel a wave of cold or warm air or have objects fall off of shelves for no reason or they see the outline of a figure, a shadow or iridescent color or light flash across a room. These are the most common signs that there might be a ghost sharing space with you.

Most ghosts are not out to scare, traumatize, hurt, push you out of your home or possess you. They do however need to go to the place of all love and light and it is important that you remember that they do not have any real power. As a full-fledged member of the physical realm you have the power and ability to assist and move them forward on their way.

Here are some tips on what to do if you encounter a ghost.

  1. Remain calm, fear only intensifies stress and creates an uncomfortable environment
  2. Unless you do this as a hobby or profession, do not try to contact and carry on a conversation with your ghost
  3. If you are religious or spiritual draw close and open yourself to a higher power. If you are a nonbeliever or atheist, imagine the highest most pure energy of love.
  4. Imagine God, love, divine spirit, whatever you are comfortable with surrounding your ghost.
  5. Then ask for a loved one who is now in spirit (has died) who can influence and take your ghost into the source of all love and pure energy to draw close and assist your ghost.
  6. Most ghosts will immediately go into the light at this point. You can however repeat this process if you feel that your unwelcome visitor is not responding. Keep in mind you may have more than one ghost so you might need to do this a few times.
  7. If your ghost is not responding and gets more persistent and increases its presence in a less than pleasant way, I encourage you to contact a professional ghost buster. They do exist and you can usually find a reputable one through a local New Age Bookstore referral.

Remember you are in charge!

Thinking Intuition

      I originally wrote this blog for the Fem Central Blog. It has also been featured on The New Age Journal The Thinking Intuitive

 In my work as a professional intuitive I have discovered that intuition surfaces in four primary ways, through our emotions, our spirit, and the physical body and through the mind. I call these different intuitive modalities your intuitive type. You are most likely a combination of two or more primary types. (In my book, Discover Your Psychic Type there is a quiz that will help you to decipher your intuitive strengths and weaknesses).

A mental intuitive absorbs intuitive energy through thoughts, instantaneous knowing, quick insight and through understanding systems and patterns. They are often naturally telepathic, which is the ability to tune into the thoughts of another or a group. Their spiritual path is that of consciousness and mindfulness.

Quite often mental intuitives do not recognize their intuitive instincts as anything other than their own thinking. Because their intuition surfaces through ideas, understanding systems and insight, they will often be found in such fields as science, medicine, technology and cutting edge research, innovation and invention.  They love to intuit, but they do not always recognize their own often insightful exacting intuitive ability. I love it that Steven Jobs of Apple computers and clearly a mental intuitive has claimed intuition as a strong and valuable asset. Of intuition he said: “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Recognizing and then encouraging your natural intuition will empower you to make the best use of it. The mental intuitives biggest challenge is to differentiate between the constant mental chatter of the thinking brain and the insightful flow of unbiased clear intuition. Begin the process by making the assumption that you are intuitive. The simple intent of acceptance will save you much time and effort, over-thinking and guessing as to whether or not you are intuitive. Mental intuitives have the tendency to over –think and get bogged down in inner arguments and intense focus.  Attempting to figure out and logically discern intuitive thoughts just doesn’t work.  Instead, a relaxed, lucid, even day- dreamy imaginative thought flow is the optimum state to achieve. Find something that soothes the brain. Some find that listening to music, exercising, especially running and swimming, driving through the countryside, doing mundane physical tasks, such as mowing the lawn, folding the laundry, creative activity such as painting, gardening, anything that gives your mind something to focus on without over-thinking, helps. While your brain is busy your intuition will take this as an opportunity to sneak into your consciousness. You may have had this experience. We often call it an ahha moment when out of seemingly nowhere we receive an answer or understanding that has previously eluded us. 

The obvious activity that many people “think” should work and be helpful is meditation. While meditation has many benefits and certainly the ability to tune into your intuition is one of them, all too often, people expect too much and put pressure on themselves to quickly achieve a calm clear mind. Unfortunately instead of peace this only promotes frustration and stress, not exactly what you were aiming for.  If you regularly meditate or you find that you can easily achieve a quiet receptive state by all means jump in, if not, know that there are other ways to tune within and receive intuitive information.

                The next step is to be become aware of the difference between your intuition and your thinking mind. Unlike the chattering of endless thoughts, intuitive knowing is awareness that emerges as a cohesive whole. It is not a step by step logical process. You simply know. This knowing may be accompanied by a slight or sometimes pronounced, buzz of energy or tingling sensation. With your intuition there will be a moment, when you simply know that a thought or insight is true and authentic. I give readings most days of the week for people all over the world and I have been doing this for many years. Yet, almost every day I receive information that surprises me. This is another common indicator that you are receiving intuitive information. You will be surprised and even a bit jolted by a new insight. The thinking mind can only tell you what it knows. It will feed you information based on your beliefs, past experiences, judgments, biases and education. Your intuition could care less if you believe or trust what it broadcasts your way.  Even if you reject an intuitive knowing as impractical nonsense it will return and persist.

This brings us to the next step. The art of developing a receptive and open mind and learning how to simply listen without letting the thinking brain take over. When you feel you are receiving intuitive information or are not sure but suspect it is possible, stop and listen.  Not so easy for the mental intuitive. The mental intuitive’s brain at work might look like a house overly decorated with streaming flashing lights at Christmas. You know the ones where people come from miles around to view and marvel at the time, expense and sanity of those who devote their lives to creating the visual wonder. Instead of lighting up all of your circuits, pull back, take a deep breath, and listen.  Train your brain to accomplish this and you will soon be amazed at your intuitive capabilities. Think of yourself as a reporter covering a story. Your job is to listen and if possible write down what you receive. That’s it. Do not try to figure it out, understand the why, when, how and who. Just accept what you receive in its entirety. You can at a later time let loose the thinking brain and let it mull over what it is that you have intuited.

Okay, mental intuitive, you are well armed (or at least beginning steps armed).  Boldly intuit the stuff that we need figured out. You are our tough-minded, solution seeking, discoverers, writers, liberators, cutting edge inventors and creators. The world needs you just about now.

Emotional intuition and keeping steady during the Super Moon

On my early morning walk today, the largest moon that I have ever seen lay silently ready to slip under the horizon. The effects of this super-moon are probably too numerous to mention. The moon ruler of emotion and the feminine has many of us struggling to stay centered, calm and composed.  With the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the bursting of grief from so much loss, has an intuitive like myself, feeling oh so many feelings. As a reminder to myself and maybe to you too, I am including an article of emotional intuition and keeping it together. Staying in the LOVE

 An empath is someone who usually without being aware of it, absorbs and intuits the emotional energy of others. I have defined this innate predisposition as emotional intuition, which is the ability to intuit the emotional energy of others and the environment and also includes other intuitive characteristics and qualities. Emotional intuitives have an inner desire and drive to help, heal and be of service to others and the world. They are likely to choose professions where they can fulfill their soul purpose of expressing unconditional love and positive healing energy.

The soul of the emotional intuitive is interconnected to universal love and therefore can be a tremendous force of healing. Unfortunately many emotional intuitives, unknowingly, easily absorb and are burdened by the difficult emotions of others. Because we, as a society, do not for the most part acknowledge our intuitive nature, we are at risk of using it in ways that are not only ineffective but can also be detrimental to one’s wellbeing and health. When you are in a constant intuitive receiving mode, absorbing the emotional energy of others can leave you feeling tired, negative, anxious and stressed.

As attractive as it may seem, it does not work to try to shut down your intuition or overly protect yourself from the emotional energy of others. While it is important to become aware of when you are soaking in the negative and stressful emotions of others, if your soul drive is to heal and be of service you will without knowing it eventually open and again become emotionally overwhelmed.

Instead of absorbing the emotional energy of others, the better use of your natural intuition is to connect with the higher realms of unconditional love and compassion and then emit and send this love out to others. Love can flow into your heart from the most pure source of all love and then into your environment, healing and uplifting others.  For this to happen naturally in the work place or among people who are in pain or suffering it is necessary to practice, practice, practice, so that it becomes effortless and innate.

Here are a few ways to shift the energy flow and take care of your sensitive intuitive nature.

  • Practice being a Conduit for Love. Find a place where you can be undisturbed for several minutes. Get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe. Imagine breathing in cleansing breaths then slowly exhale and relax. With each relaxing breath, imagine your heart opening and inhale love energy from the most pure source you can imagine. For you this may be God, the divine, a higher power, whatever and however you conceive of love in a universal pure way, image yourself as its channel. Fill yourself with this love and exhale it through your heart. Continue breathing in love and exhaling it through the heart. As you exhale imagine that you are sending love to who will most benefit from it.
  • Do not close down or overly protect yourself from others pain and suffering. Your soul drive is to heal and give to others and as you learn how to better do this, you will experience more happiness and peace of mind. Recognize when you are feeling others pain or absorbing the negativity of the environment.  Pause, open your heart to love and breathe in the most pure love you can imagine. Know that you are doing powerful work and that love is coming into the world through your. Feel this love flowing from your heart to all those who need it. Detach from any outcomes or expectations.
  • Take a few minutes, in the morning or before work and pause, take a few deep breaths, feel love flowing into your being, exhale and open your heart. State your intent for the day. You can say  something like:  “The pure source of love flows through me to all who need it” or “The power of love moves through me and I am safe and protected”
  • During your day when you are in the presence of someone who you intuit is in pain or suffering or if your environment is negative and draining, acknowledge it, breathe, inhale love and send it out into the environment. Ask for a greater love to flow through you.

Practicing these simple exercises will strengthen your intuition, your connection to others and because likes attract likes, magnetize love to you. You will also become quite popular as just being in your love energy will be a balm of comfort and serenity for so many.

This is Me

       This is me looking a little spacy. I often look this way after a day of connecting with the spiritual world. I hope to share with you the interesting and magical world where I make my home. For me, being intuitive or psychic, is a very natural and organic way in which make your way through life. I believe that we are always  connecting and interacting with the spiritual unseen realm. The more we tune into it and trust it's ever present hum of love and wisdom the more we are guided, helped and live full-time in awe and wonder.

To get us started on the same page, let's go through some basics:

Intuition is simply knowing something without knowing how you know it.  It is such an integral part of us that we often fail to recognize it. Have you ever had the experience of suddenly becoming aware of the solution to a problem while engaged in a mundane task?  Have you ever had a gut feeling of distrust upon meeting another and then later regretted dismissing it?  Or have you ever experienced an uncanny connection with a certain place or person and was later glad that you pursued it?  These and other common occurrences happen every day in a variety of ways.  They are neither mystical nor overly complicated.                                                                                                                         

Intuition is not just a special talent that certain dreamy and flaky people possess.  (although being dreamy and flaky might at times be helpful) Your intuition is a natural part of you that is always at work. Contrary to the common belief that it lies at the opposite end of reason and logic, it often works hand in hand with it.  Many if not most of our technologic, scientific and medical breakthroughs come through the combination of reason, logic, intuition and a lot of hard work. Think of Albert Einstein who said: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” And Steven Jobs of Apple Computers who said of intuition: “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life…Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drowned your own inner voice.  And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what your truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary. 

Your intuition is as unique as you are.  It may surface primarily through your emotions, your thoughts, the sensations in your physical body or through your dreams. I wrote the book Discover Your Psychic Type to help you to identify and understand how your intuition most often surfaces.  You will find that when you become aware of how and when your intuition is at work you can more easily develop it.  With a little attention and focus you can call upon it for reliable guidance in your daily relationship, financial, health and career decisions and choices. Your intuition can also provide you with increased self-awareness, insight into your special purpose in life and guide you to make choices that lead to happiness.