Discover Your Authentic Self: Re-Inventing Yourself From the Inside Out

This class will gently guide and nurture the emergence of your authentic spirit - the true source of happiness, purpose, and abundance.

Part 1

  • Intention
  • Taking an Honest Look at Your Life
  • Discovering Your Intuitive Type
  • Accessing, Interpreting and Trusting your Intuitive Information
  • Tuning into your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, energy
  • Intuitively mapping your life
  • Dealing with fear, doubt and other
  • Identify emotional blocks to change

Part 2

  • Discussion of homework, journaling, review, support
  • Becoming familiar with Inner Spirit Tools
  • Meditation  
  • Intuition
  • Dreaming
  • Synchronicity
  • Creativity

Part 3

  • Intuitive Spiritual Healing- Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Understand the significance of the Energy body and Chakras
  • Developing Symbolic Language: Intuitively interpreting the experiences of your life as a 
  • metaphor for the Soul
  • Creating intuitive Boundaries
  • Conscious Choice
  • Taking the Leap and Acting on Intuition,
  • Moving through Resistance

Part 4

  • Discussion of homework, journaling, review, support
  • Angels and Spirit Guides as Allies of Change
  • Tuning into your Spirit Support System

Part 5

  • Co-Creating with your Spirit
  • Recognizing Your Authentic Self
  • Understanding your Purpose
  • Becoming Comfortable with Your Power
  • Committing to a Daily Intuitive, Spiritual Practice
  • Creating an Inner and Outer Environment of Safety and Love
  • Being a Beacon of Healing and Light for Others

Date: TBA

To find out more information about this class, please email Sherrie.