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Meet Your Spirit Guide - Working with Higher Energies

You have a wise and loving spirit friend who watches over you. This workshop will empower you to better identify and receive guidance and messages. 

Oct. 15 12:00 to 2:30 EST

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New Class: Two Ways to Receive Higher Guidance, made easy

In this two session online visual/audio class, get expert instruction and support in using your intuition to receive direction and insight into every day issues and spiritual purpose. 

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Develop and Use Your Psychic Knowing

This New Audio/Video class gives you all you need to develop the psychic skills of mental intuition and use them in your everyday life. 


Activate the Medical Intuitive Within You

Discover The Connection Between Intuition and Health

Medical intuition is fast becoming a necessary component for health awareness, healing and maintaining good health and wellbeing. With the emergence of unexplained aliments and a multitude of medical options and choices, your intuition, your most powerful wisdom, can be a reliable guide for yourself and others. 

Feb 11 2018, Feb. 25th 12:00 to 2:00 EST

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Connecting With Master Teacher Mother Mary

Mother Mary is the divine feminine’s most Beloved expression of Miracles and Grace.


Discover Your Authentic Self

This class will gently guide and nurture the emergence of your authentic spirit - the true source of happiness, purpose, and abundance


Discover Your Psychic Type

Develop your psychic abilities by honing in on your specific innate psychic type.

Spiritual/Intuitive Exploration and Development Intensive

A year-long class of 4-day sessions to guide you toward your life's purpose and cultivate your natural intuitive abilities.



Develop Your Medium Abilities

There is constant interaction between the spiritual and physical realms.


Activate the Medical Intuitive Within You

Discover The Connection Between Intuition and Health





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