Discover Your Authentic Self


Discover how to know yourself more fully, be honest to who you truly are, and live according to your passions. In 150 essays, Sherrie supports, guides, and motivates you to know, accept, and express their authentic self.

Essays to inspire, motivate, and put into practice for being your authentic self. Includes meditations, exercises, question prompts, and affirmations. Covers a range of topics for self-discovery, including intuition, spiritual guidance, spirit animals, spirit essence and energy (chakras and auras), recognizing personal abilities according to archetype, living your purpose, and more.

This is such a beautiful, poignant book. There is nothing fluffy about it, it is a meaty and well-written book, and yet it is also SO consoling to read. What can be more consoling than having someone out there— even if we have never met— who holds up for you that image of your real self, the one you thought you lost and maybe no one sees, but which is still within you? How comforting and inspiring to have that acknowledged. And to be offered gentle, simple ways to discover and reclaim that true self! And to own the truth that we not only have a right to be our true selves, but that is what the world needs from us as well.

I think that this book would make all those other development books easier to utilize as it may give you a better understanding of how to approach the exercises and how to avoid pitfalls that your type may be prone to. Such an Awesome find!
Love, love, love this book.
— Marigold (Top Amazon Reviewer)

You Are A Medium


In You Are A Medium, Sherrie Dillard shows you how to discover your own medium type through a specialized quiz. Once you better understand how your subtle abilities work, you can develop your skills with simple exercises and techniques based on your type

As you become more confident with your medium abilities be willing to make a breathtaking discovery. Not only do your deceased loved ones from the other side help you - you help them!

Sharing inspiring case studies from her work with clients, Sherrie shows that when you succeed in learning your soul lesson, you become a beam of light for those in the beyond.  

This book was an eye opener for me. Though I’ve read several other books on mediumship, I continued to struggle with why spirit occasionally remains with us (rather than simply crossing over to be “with God”). “You Are a Medium” not only answered my questions, but quite unexpectedly, gave me the courage to live a more authentic life.
— Amazon customer
I just finished your book You are a Medium and I want to let you know it has been life changing for me. I have always had psychic abilities but never the experience I have had since reading your book. Your book has touched me in such a positive way. Thank you for writing it.
— RH

Discover Your Psychic Type


Intuition and spiritual growth are indelibly linked.  A personalized approach to psychic development, this breakthrough guide introduces four different psychic types and explains how to develop the unique spiritual capabilities of each.

Are you a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual intuitive? Take Dillard's insightful quiz to find out. Discover more about each type's intuitive nature, personality, potential physical weaknesses, and more. There are guided meditations for each kind of intuitive, as well as exercises to hone your psychic skills. Remarkable stories from the author's professional life illustrate the incredible power of intuition and its connection to the spirit world, inner wisdom, and your higher self.

Lifelong psychic Dillard offers up a genuinely satisfying work on developing psychic abilities well beyond the typical if-I-can-do-it, you-can-too! claptrap. After identifying four basic types of intuition (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), she provides a quiz to discern which intuitive style is the reader’s most native mode, sort of a Meyers Briggs of psychic aptitude. An explanation of characteristics and challenges is followed by useful exercises, techniques, and targeted meditations geared to each of the four types to expand and develop strengths as well as create awareness of potential pitfalls. Recommended for libraries serving a sophisticated parapsyche audience.
— Janet Tapper, Western States Chiropractic College., Portland, OR

Develop Your Medical Intution


The wise inner voice of our spirit is always communicating with us through our intuition . . . if only we can learn to listen. Develop Your Medical Intuition shows you how to improve your health with easy step-by-step exercises, guided visualizations, case studies, and practical advice from author Sherrie Dillard’s 25 year career as a professional medical intuitive.

Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs play an important role in our ability to heal. This book provides everything you need to know to repair, remedy, and enhance your health, including: 
- Quizzes to determine your medical intuitive type and assess your energy health
- Four main medical intuitive types: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual
- Five basic medical intuitive skills: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and vibrational sensitivity

Sherrie Dillard offers a very practical guide to working with energy and medical intuition. Full of stories from her own work with clients and great practical exercises and meditations, this book is a breakthrough for anyone wishing to develop medical intuitive skills.
— Barbara Burggraaff, MD

Developing your intuitive ability will help you make informed health care decisions and gain first-hand experience of the vast cosmic network of love and wisdom that supports mind, body and spirit wellness.

The Miracle Workers Handbook

A very enjoyable book with a new way of looking at the Virgin Mary which is both accessible and inspiring. Dillard writes very well with enthusiasm and precision and never veers into the sentimental or dogmatic. There is no ego behind this book and that makes it so very refreshing. Insights into Mary’s life events and feelings are shown as inspiration to us and she is presented as the epitome of the Divine Feminine. After moving away from Catholicism into a shamanic path, I had sometimes missed the connection with Mary. This book shows how women of all paths and religions can connect with Mary and learn from her life. I simply have nothing negative to say about this book at all!
— Colette Brown, author

Love and Intuition


From psychic protection to spirit guides to mystical states, Dillard offers guidance as you evolve toward the final destination of every psychic type: union with the divine.

Those who are ready for a deeper love connection, ready to improve their relationships past, current, and future, or ready to attract their soul mate might very well find this book helpful. Dillard’s positive communication style detangles the complexities of love and intuition. She securely leads the reader through examples and exercises designed to open up the heart, heal past wounds, and enable a deeper connection with another person. She argues that by recognizing and becoming comfortable with one’s intuitive abilities, love is able to emerge as an effortless central focus in one’s life.Set up as a workbook, Love and Intuition is meant to act as a companion throughout one’s life. Readers can return to the book time and time again to keep working on areas that need strengthening and healing. Keeping a journal for thoughts and for doing the exercises in the book, as Dillard suggests, becomes a great way to get to know oneself and enable a deeper connection with others. Through intuition, readers can become more aware of subtleties and energy patterns that can be a great help in understanding relationship dynamics.
— Victoria Holmberg, New York