Activate the Medical Intuitive Within You

Discover The Connection Between Intuition and Health

Medical intuition is fast becoming a necessary component for health awareness, healing and maintaining good health and wellbeing. With the emergence of unexplained aliments and a multitude of medical options and choices, your intuition, your most powerful wisdom, can be a reliable guide.

    Learn How To

    Discover and develop your medical intuitive strengths 

    Tune into the energy body and chakras and understand the energy information contained within them. 

    Develop and practice using the five essential medical intuitive skills and abilities

    Become comfortable with communicating and listening to the physical body. 

    Receive energy information from spiritual source.

    Trust your intuitive impressions and become aware of inner blocks to clear intuiting 

    Communicate intuitive health information to another, without diagnosing.

    Work with others remotely. 

    Support your and other’s healing process. 

    Learn how to use color and vibration for healing

    This highly experiential class will includes exercises and a meditation to empower you to intuitively scan and communicate with your body.


    Class 1

    View and understand the physical body and health from an energetic perspective

     Tune into the energy information within the chakras and energy field or aura

    Understand your medical intuitive type and further develop it, along with other forms of medical intuition. 


    Class 2

    Develop and practice using the five essential medical intuitive abilities 

    Become aware of blocks to trusting your intuition and heal them.

    Intuit a health self- assessment 


    Aug. 26 & Sept. 9

    12:00 to 2:30 EST

    Cost: 180.00 includes both classes 

    Email: grace.sherrie@gmail to enroll

    All classes are held on remotely on Zoom, at no charge to you. A link to the online class will be emailed to you for easy and quick access. You will need a computer with a camera and audio capabilities. 




    To find out more information about this class, please email Sherrie.